Collaborating with us

Collaborating on an existing programme or formulating a new one
We would be open to collaborate on existing programmes evaluating genetic variants and associations with therapeutic response as well as formulating new programmes on similar lines.

In true spirit of the collaboration, we also extensively interact and also train clinicians, both in the data generation and informatics aspects, to equip them to be able to understand and interpret the data appropriately and correlate clinically. 

We would also recommend and invite you or your colleagues to also spend time in our lab at CSIR-IGIB to learn and understand the different aspects. We also conduct CMEs and Workshops on a regular basis in case many people in a department has interest in the collaboration and science.

How to Sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with us

We have a standardised format for MoU with clinical institutions who would be interested in participating in the programme. Please use the templates provided.

Microsoft Word Templates you can use
Please contact us with the final approved version from your side before sending us the signed copies.
We would require two signed copies on plain white paper. One of the signed copies would be returned back for your reference.